The Onix Budget Server is the workhorse of the system.

Use it to:

  • Import current data from your core systems including employees
  • Establish your base budget
  • Calculate a forecast based on actuals-to-date in the current year
  • Populate data into your budget entry worksheet templates
  • Create a "Budget Wizard" for each manager
  • Import budget results submitted by the managers
  • Calculate rates of pay for each occupation within each centre
  • Automatically recost your budgeted hours using current pay rates
  • Define pay rate increases for each employee group to account for unsettled and budget year increases

  • Generate anniversary increases to account for anticipated step increases during the budget year
  • Calculate benefits by individual employee
  • Develop your benefits budget directly from budgeted hours
  • Assign employees when there are no incumbents for a position
  • Express your final budget results in terms of your base plus the budget change components
  • Produce standard summary and detail reports to support your budget results
  • Export budget data and reports to external systems

And it includes a comprehensive help guide

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