The Onix Budget System has been preparing hospital budgets for over a decade. It is a comprehensive, high-powered system designed to meet the needs of medium to large sized hospitals. It is currently being used by health care organizations with an annual operating budget of $15M to over $250M. It uses data from your Payroll and General Ledger systems to prepare the budget and passes the results back to your reporting system. It has been interfaced with many other vendor's products including Meditech, Medisolution, HBO, GEAC and others. Our product has the design and tools needed to make interfacing easy irrespective of which financial software you use.

Our approach at Onix is to provide the appropriate tool set for each user group utilizing readily available technology. The Onix Budget Server provides the Finance Department with central control of the budget activity of the hospital. Onix worksheet templates are used by the end-users to prepare and submit their budgets in Excel. The hospital's network is used as a budget distribution and collection vehicle. This approach allows the hospital to leverage it's investment in existing software, equipment and training.

Here's what Onix Systems Group can do for you:

  • install the software you need to get the job done
  • develop interfaces to your core systems
  • train you to use the system
  • provide on-going support
  • develop maintenance and enhancement releases
Onix Systems Group Inc. was incorporated in 1991. Since it's inception it has focused on the needs of the health care sector providing software products and related services. Ken Szreier, the president of Onix, has over 25 years of experience working with hospitals to develop software solutions. The Onix Budget System is the culmination of these efforts and is our flagship product.