General Budgeting Features:
  • MIS Guidelines compliant
  • multi-facility budgeting
  • uses actual, budget and employee data imported from your G/L and Payroll systems
  • budget server provides centralized control over budget activity
  • budget changes are recorded as transactions that are applied to your base budget
  • budget "Wizards" deliver Excel worksheets to managers
  • Excel worksheets are used to prepare and submit budget directly to server
  • calculates the effect of timed rate changes
  • distributes the annual budget into fiscal periods

Compensation Budgeting Features:
  • budget detail is maintained by occupation, status (F/T, P/T) and type of pay for each centre
  • incumbent employee data is utilized to:
    " establish budget rates within each centre
    " determine impact of anniversary increases
    " compute cost of employer-paid benefits for each employee
  • premium rates, factors and rate changes are associated with union groups
  • changes can be recorded in FTE's, hours or dollars
  • sophisticated benefit processing is provided with:
    " spreadsheet-style formula for each benefit
    " calculation of individual benefit costs for each employee
    " assignment of employees to budgeted FTE's to calculate functional centre's benefit budget
  • secondary compensation account codes are assigned according to occupation and type of pay